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High quality multilayer sheet

Application of optical acrylic and polycarbonate resins realized a two-layered sheet (AW) with a thickness of 100 μm.
We provide a highly functional multilayer sheet with simultaneous scratch resistance, impact resistance,
and high transparency as the advantages of acryl/polycarbonate resin.
ShineTech successfully made thinness and accuracy coexist in response tothe need for weight reduction in products. *The images of products shown on this Web site are only for reference. Note that they may differ from the shape and color of actual products.

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ShineTech® AW

Two-layered product using two types of resin
polycarbonate (PC) and acryl (PMMA)

ShineTech® PW

Using two types of resin
polycarbonate (PC) and special polycarbonate

ShineTech® PC

Single layer of polycarbonate

Low strain and high transparency

Very high smoothness of the surface and low internal strain realized by
special precision extrusionmolding enable a clean uniform visual field all over the surface.
Excellent optical properties of the sheet enable the development of
display window of new specification and special electronic materials.
In addition, the problem of rainbow irregularity and significant discoloration of
the liquid crystal image display when wearing polarizing sun glasses was solved.

High accuracy of thickness in spite of multilayer

Incredibly high accuracy of thickness possibly within ±5% concerning
total thickness all over the width and thickness of each layer was realized.
This accuracy in the thickness enables the deployment of special applications.

Clean and small amount of foreign substances

Capable of producing clean products with transparency comparable to glass,
breakage resistance, and small amount of foreign substances as required in the field of optical
equipment such as displays for mobile phone and various types of touch panels.

Also used for the following products

ShineTech is used in the familiar products of conventional
mobile phones still needed, the latest popular models of smartphones,
car navigation systems, MP3 players, and various types of meters.
We can also respond to the specifications for products requiring molding.

Both cut and rolled products available

The production line of the Ichinoseki Plant can deliver both cut and rolled products.

Thickness and property

Test Items Test Method Unit ShineTech® AW-10U
Sheet specification mm 0.125 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.5
PMMA thickness μm 30 30 35 60 60 60 60 60 60
Surface hardness [@PMMA] JIS K5600 - F F F 2H 2H 2H 2H 2H 2H
Light Transmission JIS K7361 % 91.5 91.4 91.3 91.3 91.3 91.2 91.0 91.0 91.0
Haze JIS K7361 % 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2
Tensile Strength JIS K7161 MPa 59 to 67
Tensile Fracture Distortion % 7 7 8 9 9 11 12 12 13
Tensile Elasticity MPa 1670 1990 2020 2030 2050 1560 1380 1140 990
Shock Resistance 28gIron ball Internal method (Height at 50%breakage) mm - 402 696 735 - - - - -
67gIron ball - - - - 407 1160 - - -
100gIron ball - - - - - 546 867 - -
226gIron ball - - - - - - - 607 1021
Dimension change by heat 140℃ JIS K7133 % ‐0.1 -0.1 -0.2 -0.2 -0.2 -0.2 -0.1 -0.2 -0.1

※ Data above is typical value and is not under guarantee.

A variety of hard coat lineups

Capable of adding surface functionality while using the
advantages of ShineTech. For other coatings, contact us.

product lineup

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Download the catalog

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